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The Maria Weldon Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Maria Weldon Memorial Scholarship Fund

July 5th 1961 – August 8th 2010

Maria Weldon started on her magickal journey down the Wiccan path at the early age of 15 with much of her practice based around the teachings of Manning and Cunningham. During her time, Mariah developed a great love for rocks and gems and together, with her husband Mike, she continued this love by opening “Maria’s Magnificent Rocks and Gems”. Maria’s Magnificent Rocks and Gems (now Maria’s Marvelous Rocks and Gems) has been an admired, respected and expected fixture at many events throughout the Southeast. Through this endeavor Maria Weldon became known and loved by many in the Pagan community. Her knowledge, love of children and the Pagan community at large will truly be missed.

In honor of a kind spirit that believed wholeheartedly in community and family NC Pagans Outdoors has created The Maria Weldon Memorial Scholarship Fund. 50% of this fund will go toward Maria’s family’s well-being for the next year (Sunday August 8th, 2010- Sunday August 8th, 2011). 30% will be used as a scholarship fund allowing Pagans and Earth-based individuals, who cannot normally afford to come to NC Pagans Outdoors events, the opportunity to attend. The remaining 20% will be set aside as a fund for condolences and other needs that may arise within our community.

It is our sincere hope that, in this way, we can give back to the community in Maria’s honor and continue to promote the ideals that she held so close to her heart.

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