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Statement on Nudity/ Skyclad

NC Pagans Outdoors Does Not Permit Public Nudity, Nor Skyclad Participation at its Events.

As the Pagan Family and Community grows and changes through the 21st century, We feel that it is imperative that we keep NC Pagans Outdoors events open to all who wish to come and celebrate with us. Many Pagan paths do not have a charge for or a call to nudity, even if your particular path may. Our mission is to “Promote Family Bonds within the Pagan Community”, and we feel that our definition of family ~ an all inclusive term with respect to the whole of the Pagan Community ~ dictates this policy.

Approved unanimously by the NC Pagans Outdoors Planning Group
~Friday, July 10, 2009

Subsequently reviewed, edited and renewed by the Directors of NC Pagans Outdoors
~ Sunday, August 1st, 2010