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Meal Prep Assistant Scholarship

We have 2 half price discount scholarships available under the Meal Prep Assistant Scholarship for this year Pagan Wilderness Weekend 10. Details below:

At NCPO’s summer event, PWW, we present 4 meals to the community.

Friday – Fruit and Grain Breakfast/Brunch
Saturday-Fruit and Grain Breakfast/Brunch
Saturday – Dinner
Sunday- Fruit and Grain Breakfast/Brunch

All 4 meals, especially the evening meal, consist of a significant amount of needed prep work.
At certain times during the weekend we will need to call upon people to assist with the preparation of the meals. This position will, at times, include early afternoon and late evening availability. You may be called upon to assist with cooking as well as pre-meal prep.

That said, as stated above, we have 2 half price discount scholarships available within the guidelines (Unless previously arranged) outlined below:

1. Arrive on site no later than 1:00 p.m.

Friday. 2. Available for prep by 2:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday and continue to be available on an as needed basis until after evening meal is served.

3. Available by 8:00a.m. Saturday and Sunday and continue to be available on an as needed basis until after breakfast/ brunch meal is served.

4. Available for clean up after all meals.

This scholarship covers half the fees for the adult attendee for the full weekend. This scholarship is measured at the pre-paid attendee rate and thus must be applied for prior to the pre-registration deadline of the event. The person who takes on the responsibilities of this scholarship shall be given all of the benefits that go along with pre-payment.

If you are interested in the Meal Prep Assistant Scholarship for PWW please do not hesitate to e-mail us with your interest at as soon as possible.

(Note: Any person that takes on this scholarship that fails to follow through with the guidelines of this scholarship will be expected to reimburse NC Pagans Outdoors-NCPO the full gate rate of the event attended prior to attendance to any future NCPO event.)