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Links to NC Pagan Groups and Events

The following links will direct you to groups and/ or events that NC Pagans Outdoors associates either attend or endorse. These groups follow our mission of Promoting Family Bonds within the Pagan Community.

Misfit Witches/ Misfit Sanctuary

Misfit Witches Yahoo Group

Misfit Witches is a bunch of eclectic misfit Pagans based in Gaston County, N.C. that follow the teachings of Aradia the Holy Strega as well as Native American, Folk Magick, Herbal Magick and other teachings. In other words; we have a strong Stregherian base, flavored with other traditions. We gather together for the Holy Days, Full Moon’s, Personal Ceremonies, Healing Circles as well as crafting events, day trips, cook-outs & such. All events are open to all those of like minds who are dedicated in Honoring the Great Gods & Goddesses of Old, and in keeping the Old Ways alive!

NC Pagans Outdoors Yahoo Group

If your at this point on the NC Pagans Outdoors website you already know that NC Pagans Outdoors is all about bringing the Pagan Community together as family.


NC Pagan Traders

NCPaganTraders is a Yahoo swapmeet group designed to trade/swap things that most Pagans need or want.  If you have it, offer it. If you want it, offer a trade for something you have.


Panoleptos is a group of individuals from all different backgrounds, spiritual paths, and traditions who come together to worship and pay homage to the god Pan. The group is based in the Western Piedmont area of North Carolina. We hold public and private rituals and celebrations to honor the god Pan. All who respect Pan are welcome to join this group and honor him with us.

“Rejoice, for Great Pan lives”


PEER  The Pagan Educational Empowerment Resource

Strengthening the ties of community, creating opportunities and having lots of fun; That’s the primary focus of PEER. PEER is a unique group, in that it refuses to be tied to one specific place, ideology or tradition. The organization operates as an independent congregational body, who’s members come from many paths and traditions.


Royal Order of the Knights of Herne Royal Order of the Knights of Herne is a fraternal spirituality and service group for men of Earth-centered faiths, structured along the lines of chivalric orders such as the Knights Templar. It is based in the Triad area of North Carolina (Greensboro, High Point, and Winston-Salem). Our Order is composed of members from many different paths, including Celtic, Norse and Native American Spiritualities and various traditions of Paganism and Wicca. 


SpiralScouts International

SpiralScouts Yahoo Group

SpiralScoutsTM International is a program for girls and boys of all faiths working, growing and learning together.