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In Regards to Scheduling Conflicts

From time to time,
NC Pagans Outdoors events will unfortunately be scheduled; and may simultaneously occur, during other events and or social functions. We here at NC Pagans Outdoors recognize that reality within our grand community may sometimes dictate scheduling conflicts that cannot otherwise be overcome.

While it is disappointing, during times of scheduling conflict, that our usual attendee base may desire or need to be in attendance at a separate function other than an NC Pagans Outdoors event; we do understand that this type of situation is simply a certainty of life and that no one can be in two places at one time. Furthermore, we also understand that life is full of choices that people must sometimes face in their daily lives and that sometimes those choices, while conflicting with the wishes of our community, must take priority over their personal desires to be at an NC Pagans Outdoors event.

The Directors of NC Pagans Outdoors wish to state unequivocally that no malice, contempt, derision or ill will is harbored or will ever be harbored toward anyone that chooses to attend events other than NC Pagans Outdoors events. We understand that the scheduling needs of our grand community do not always mesh with the mission of NC Pagans Outdoors to include everyone in the community at our events.

Naturally, all NC Pagans Outdoors events will continue to be places and events that welcome everyone, at any time that they are able or wish to return, to join us in celebration of community.