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Get Active

NC Pagans Outdoors has seen many people come and go over the years. Many of the people that we have met through this endeavor, by their own personal inclination, have chosen to continue to be associated with NC Pagans Outdoors in some manner. Those individuals that have chosen to tag along, encourage and endorse our mission have always been appreciated and we have been blessed by their continued association with NC Pagans Outdoors.

It has always been our stance that any individual, regardless of creed, race, religion, class, gender, sexual orientation, social standing or political affiliation may be an Associate of NC Pagans Outdoors if they so desire. We have not previously offered memberships and have never been prone to insist upon membership within NC Pagans Outdoors. We have always felt that people should be free to come and go as they see fit and that they shouldn’t be bound by memberships and monetary dues.

That said; in appreciation of the continued enthusiasm of our dedicated associates we have developed an Active Associate Agreement for those people having significant interest to be more involved with NC Pagans Outdoors.

The Active Associate Agreement allows for associates to have a vote on important matters also gives those associates the opportunity to serve as executive officers of NC Pagans Outdoors. Active associates are also able to serve on advisory boards and committees.

It is our sincere hope that those of you that have been dedicated to this endeavor over the years will consider this an excellent opportunity to be more involved.

As an Active Associate you will have the right to:
Honor your own personal path with respect to the vision and mission of NC Pagans Outdoors.

Reaffirm continued Active Association with NC Pagans Outdoors on an annual basis.

Participate by vote in matters that the Board of Directors or their designated Committee Chair may present.

Serve as a Board of Directors Associate or as a Director of NC Pagans Outdoors.

Serve on Advisory Boards or Committees that the Board of Directors may appoint.

Request a hearing and/ or be present at a hearing of the Board of Directors.

Attend and participate in the annual meeting of the Corporation.

Active associates also have the right to decline to participate in any of these while continuing to support the vision and mission of NC Pagans Outdoors. 
As an Active Associate your Responsibilities  will be:
To be of service to the greater Pagan community with your time and knowledge in furthering the NC Pagans Outdoors Vision, Mission and Tenets of Belief.

To represent the Vision, Mission and Tenets of Belief of NC Pagans Outdoors with honesty and integrity to the best of your understanding.

To notify the Board of Directors in writing of your resignation at any time you are unable or unwilling to continue as an Active Associate.


If this is something that interests you we would love to have you “Get Active” and have a more influential role in the NC Pagans Outdoors process.

Check out the full text of the

If you agree with what you read and want to become an Active Associate of NC Pagans Outdoors print and sign the agreement and get it back to us a.s.a.p.

You can mail it to:

NCPO c/o
381 Grant Houck Rd
Todd, NC 28684

You can also attend one of our events in the future and we will have the Active Associate Agreement available at each event.

Thanks again for your interest in NC Pagans Outdoors and we look forward to having you “Get Active