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Founders Scholarship

We have 2 full adult attendee scholarships available under the Founders Scholarship for this years HPF (and likely for all NCPO events from this point forward). Details below:

Over the years Teresa and I have been, on many occasions, the first to arrive and the last to leave. Due to the simple fact that we are the founders and directors of NCPO we are, by our own mandate, responsible for not only our own setup and breakdown but also that of the events as well. What has occurred in the last couple of years, specifically at the last 4 events, is that we have ended up extremely exhausted at the end of the weekend due to having little or no help when winding down the event. The enduring affect from this exhaustion has been emotional debris and a feeling that we cannot continue to bring these events to the community without sufficient physical and emotional assistance.

With all due gratitude, several people over the years have taken on the following responsibilities, out of love and respect to the community and the founders of NCPO without compensation of any kind. Unfortunately, due to geographical and monetary constraints these individuals have not been available over the last few years. Thus, we have found it necessary to fill this much needed position via the Founders Scholarship.

That said, as stated above, we have 2 full adult attendee scholarships available within the guidelines outlined below:

1. Arrive with or prior to the founders (or at the very least exceptionally early on opening day) and assist with event opening and set up.

2. Act as assistants (personal and administrative) to the founders on an as needed basis during the duration of the event. (This will not be taken advantage of to the level of personal slave you will be able to enjoy and be a part of the event as well.)

3. Assist with closing and tear down of event and personal belongings of the founders until the founders are ready to leave the site.

4. Vacate site with founders and assist with taking down of event signs.

This scholarship as outlined covers the fees for the adult attendee for the full weekend. This scholarship is measured at the pre-paid attendee rate and thus must be applied for prior to the pre-registration deadline of any given event. The person who takes on the responsibilities of this scholarship shall be given all of the benefits that go along with pre-payment. This is a huge responsibility and we do expect the details to be followed under these guidelines.

The bottom line, Teresa and I cannot continue the overwhelming duties of presenting NCPO events and our own personal obligations at these events without your help to assure that we are emotionally and physically sound enough to carry on to the next event.

If you are interested in embracing this essential responsibility in regards to the well being of the founders of NC Pagans Outdoors and the continuing presentation of NCPO events to our community please do not hesitate to e-mail us with your interest at as soon as possible.

(Note: Any person that takes on this scholarship that fails to follow through with the guidelines of this scholarship will be expected to reimburse NC Pagans Outdoors-NCPO the full gate rate of the event attended prior to attendance to any future NCPO event.)