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Firewood Scholarship

We have 1 monetary scholarship available under the Firewood Scholarship for all NCPO events.
Details below:

At every event that NC Pagans Outdoors presents to the community we light our balefyre on the opening night of the event and it burns throughout the weekend as an on-going reminder of the sacred space that we are in during our events. The balefyre at our events is fueled by only untreated and non-commercial wood and no garbage is burnt in the fire. As one might imagine, this can take quite a bit of wood to be successful. Fortunately, we have been blessed with the capacity to make this happen each year.

Over the last couple of years we have offered a $40.00 discount to an attendee that brings a trailer/ truck load of wood. In an effort to be fair and rather than giving this discount to the same people at each event we are making the Firewood Scholarship available.

That said, as stated above, we have 1 monetary scholarship available within the guidelines outlined below:

1. This scholarship/ discount shall only apply to the attendance fees of 2 or more people.
2. For NCPO purposes, a trailer/ truck load of firewood is described as 150+ pieces of untreated, non-commercial (preferably seasoned/ not green) wood cut into 16” to 20” lengths (this is an average, we will not be measuring or counting).
3. The wood needs to be on site (at the event) at least 3 hours before nightfall on the opening day of any given event.
4. The remaining balance (- $40.00) of any attendee fees are due upon arrival to the event.

The Firewood Scholarship will only be made available to one group of 2 or more attendees at any given event. If you are interested in applying for this discount/ scholarship please contact as soon as possible as this one WILL be taken rather quickly.