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Event Fees & Rules

Rules and Information for NC Pagans Outdoors Events

Please read this page in its entirety and refer back as changes DO occur.

At All NC Pagans Outdoors events we intend to promote an atmosphere of serenity, fellowship, community and family. It is the intent for our gatherings to be a safe and enjoyable time for all ages and all paths.

Out of Respect and Consideration for ALL attendee’s we request the following:
1. Please keep discussions in mixed company to appropriate language and appropriate content.
2. Please keep discussions around the Balefyre to a minimum volume after the majority of people have retired for the evening.
3. Please give proper reverence to the Balefyre. This means that all combustible substances (I.E. cigarette butts and trash) other than wood being used in the fire be disposed of properly.

Again, with that stated, it is our intent to promote a spirit of serenity, fellowship, and reverence toward the Goddess and ALL her creatures at NC Pagans Outdoors events.

The following guidelines are in no particular order and are subject to change without notice.


The following guidelines apply to Young Adults (Minors between the ages of 16 and 18) that may be interested in attending NC Pagans Outdoors events without Parental supervision that can carry themselves with some amount of dignity and to all children under 18 that are attending without their parents.

1. Young Adults and Children (under 18 years of age) Attending With or Without Supervision are required to have the Registration and Release of Responsibility Forms filled out completely prior to an event to be allowed attendance to the event. Likewise ANYONE under 18 attending must have express written permission from their parents to be presented at the gate.

2. Consumption of Alcohol or other controlled substances by minors is ILLEGAL and will be cause for dismissal without return to future events unless attending with a Parent or Guardian.

3. Young Adults (ages 16-17) attending without supervision are expected to be respectful of all persons in attendance.

NC Pagans Outdoors events are Child/ Family Friendly and we encourage families to bring their children. We have made many efforts to include children in our activities.

Children are encouraged to attend workshops and activities unless otherwise stated as “Adult”. Elchenburg is a beautiful site and full of places to run, jump and play. Parents are encouraged to bring glow sticks and other accessories for kids to play with after dark.

Volunteers are welcome to set up special children’s activities. Please bear in mind that children’s activities should be of an earth-based nature – this will be an all paths gathering. Please remember that not all parents will necessarily agree with your personal philosophy…also there will be an activity idea notebook available.

If you are bringing your children, Children 11 and under are free with a paying adult (max 2 free kidlets per paying adult) and will be exempt from pre-registration fees.


Group Rates are Negotiable for groups of 15 or more

It is our sincere wish to keep the cost of all NC Pagans Outdoors gatherings as low as possible to all attending, and are fully aware that quite a bit of it will come out of our own pockets. This personal expense is worth it to us to see the events continue to flourish and have the fellowship, friendship and growing community it will bring.
The fee’s charged at NC Pagans Outdoors events go to cover the costs of gatherings/campout expenses, provided meals and other misc. expenses that help us to bring you the best events that we can.

To help us to bring you the best events PRE-PAID registrations are strongly requested.


$25 per person at the event Children 11 and under are free with a paying adult (max 2 free kidlets per paying adult)

Day Rate is $15.00 per person

For more information please visit the specific event page.

For those of you who would love to join us at our next event but prefer not to camp with us, there are multiple hotels within a 10 mile radius of the event site.

Hotels near site


Hocus Pocus Focus 2013 is Tent to Table Pot Luck. For further information please visit there respective pages)

NC Pagans Outdoors events do not have a central area for storing and preparing personal food items. You will have to provide your own coolers and ice, as well as a way to distinguish your property from everyone else’s. Also remember to bring a portable grill. (We realize this is a little elementary, and do not in any way, shape or form wish to insult anyone’s intelligence. We just know from personal experience that sometimes little things like that get overlooked in the packing rush.) Due to animals in the vicinity, Putting your food items in your trunk overnight is suggested.

For those of you who enjoy camping but don’t want to partake in the fun of cooking over camp fires there are multiple restaurants nearby.

Restaurants near site

Consumption of Alcohol, in moderation and in responsible quantities (for the safety of all attendee’s), is allowed at all NC Pagans Outdoors camping events .Please refrain from getting sloppy drunk. While we personally are not against social drinking, we simply feel it is not a good idea to have so many people, who do not know each other well, getting overly intoxicated. We also feel we would rather get “drunk” on the spirit of fellowship.

Workshop submissions are still being accepted for HPF 2013,
Even if you have an idea for a workshop and haven’t been able to finalize your ideas, please present them at the event as you register and we may still include your presentation if we have the room.
It is our hope that some of you attending will show willingness to share the knowledge and abilities the Goddess has given you by leading a workshop. Any and all ideas are welcome. In an effort to keep the costs down for everyone, we will not be able to give monetary compensation, thanks and recognition will of course be given.

Anyone interested in doing a workshop please e-mail Chris at or Teresa at (PLEASE PUT “HPF 2013 ” IN THE SUBJECT LINE)

Everyone that the Goddess has given musical talents is strongly urged to bring their instruments. Remember NC Pagans Outdoors events are Pagan Gatherings.
BRING YOUR DRUMS and Other Instuments!!!!!!!!!

One of the things we have done in previous years and would like to see again at this years gathering is our “Jam around the Balefyre.” Anyone bringing instruments are welcome to play them anywhere and at any time they wish (with exceptions being during workshops, speakers and rituals) so long as it doesn’t disturb others in the camp.

NC Pagans Outdoors events are a peaceful gatherings. Weapons, of any kind which are solely used as, or intended to be used as, weapons are banned from this event. Weapons, of any kind, that can have a duel purpose as ritual items or for ceremonial use are welcome but must be peace tied (visibly tied securely or positively retained) at all times unless being used for ritual or ceremonial purposes and must be re-peace tied after use. In general, Pagans/Wiccans tend to be relatively passive people, so we do not see this as being a problem. NC Pagans Outdoors does not consider guns to have duel purpose under these guidelines. Camp tools are of course welcome for the use that they are intended.

For NC Pagans Outdoors purposes, “Leave No Trace” is an effort to lower or eliminate the human footprint that we create with garbage and debris. NC Pagans Outdoors has always attempted to leave our event sites over the years in as good or better condition than when we showed up. This effort has always been left to a select few who, out of devotion and dedication, walked the campsite in grids and picked up all the left over debris. While this “norm” will continue, in an effort to take some of that responsibility out of the hands of the few and give it to the whole of the community, NC Pagans Outdoors “Leave No Trace” policy will have a few guidelines. We hope these guidelines will clarify our expectations and provide a deeper understanding of our intent.

Campers will be expected to respect Mother Earth during this function. We will be leaving the camp area in the same if not better condition as when we came. All trash, cigarette butts, etc. should be policed by one-self. Please keep in mind that you are not only a representative of the Goddess, but also a representative of the group as a whole.

NC Pagans Outdoors’ “Leave No Trace” Policy Guidelines
1. Each Attendee, at on site registration, will receive 1 heavy duty garbage bag.
2. Each Attendee will be responsible for taking away all debris, garbage, cigarette butts and other waste that they produce during the event.

Pets are allowed at Elchenburg but, must be leashed or otherwise restrained. Please be respectful of others and DO NOT engage your pets with other’s pets.

ALSO PLEASE BRING WOOD!!!! as we will not be able to down trees and such for the fire.

If you have any questions or ideas concerning any of our events please email: Chris Hansen at or Teresa Hansen at


NC Pagans Outdoors events have always been, a time when Pagans and People of Earth Based Paths get together in the great outdoors for a fun filled weekend of camping, workshops, drumming, food, fellowship, community and fun for the whole family.