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Eco-Friendly Fundraising

NC Pagans Outdoors is proud to announce that we now participate in an eco-friendly fundraising program with the help of:

We will now receive up to 40% profit on all purchases made at

These proceeds will go towards our continued effort to become a full recognized 501c3 and will also go towards our continuing entertainment budget.

The Mother Earth Fundraising website features all kinds of cool eco-friendly things like 100% recycled gift-wrap, ‘green’ school supplies, reusable shopping bags, organic baking mixes, soy candles, fair-trade items, and even eco-friendly household and personal products. 

Mother Earth Fundraising also operates in a responsible manner: they are a paperless company that uses only eco-friendly packing materials and purchases carbon-offsets to make all of your orders ‘carbon-neutral’. 

You can purchase items anytime throughout the year and we will continue to receive credit.  You can begin supporting us by:

• Shopping for ‘green’ products at
• Select NC Pagans Outdoors as your beneficiary at checkout.
• These items will be shipped directly to you via UPS or USPS

For answers to your questions, please read the “FAQ” section on the Mother Earth Fundraising website or call them at (888) 927-5633.

Thanks for your continued support of NC Pagans Outdoors!!!!