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Chris Hansen: Co-Founder

Chris Hansen aka Dragonzmajick Ravenstag, has been actively involved in the Pagan community of North Carolina and the surrounding area for many years and has been a practioner of the Pagan ways for over 20 years.
He has previously served as North Carolina State Chair for Pagan Unity Campaign and served as Co-Local Coordinator for the 1st Annual Boone High Country Pagan Pride Day in 2005.
He has been a political and anti-discrimination activist in the Pagan community for many years.
He has facilitated workshops and classes on several different topics including: Living Namaste -Recognizing the Divine in Everyone and The Hibernating Pagan.
He has served as HP for several open community rituals over the years and continues to be actively involved with the NC Pagan community on many different levels.
Chris has lived in the Ashe County area of North Carolina for over 12 years.