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Attendee Registration Form


Pre-registrations are now being accepted via snail-mail, via e-mail and through our secure online form below. If you prefer to pre-pay via snail-mail please fill out the form below and mail your fee’s to the address at the bottom of this page. If you prefer online registration please feel free to use our secure online form and you will be redirected to the pre-pay page afterwards.

We now have PayPal pre-payment available for your convienance. Simply click on the link below, pre-paid attendees need not fill out the form below as they will be asked for that information during pre-payment. 
Event Pre-pay  (Pre-pay for Hocus Pocus Focus is NOW Open!!)
Note: Pre-payment is preferred, if you would prefer to pay in advance. Please make checks or money orders payable to: NCPO

Any and All checks or money orders paid out to anyone other than “NCPO” will not be considered pre-paid and will be returned to the event attendee upon receipt of full payment at on-site event registration.

There will be a $30.00 charge for all bounced checks to be paid in full by money order or cash in hand at the event prior to event registration.

We will also have on-site registration. We would prefer pre-paid registrations if possible to offset some of the upfront and out of pocket costs. Pre-paid attendees get a  $5.00 discount from on-site fees at the gate. Bare in mind if you opt to wait and pay in full at the site you won’t get all the goodies that we will be sending to previously registered campers. If you are bringing children, those under 11 are free (exempt from on-site registration fee).

Upon receipt of your registration you will be sent an information packet (via e-mail) containing the following:

(1) Information on location of campout, including a map of the area.

(2) Tentative itinerary of campout activities, including scheduled arrival and departure times, planned hikes, workshops, and the like, and opening and closing ceremonies.

(3) Registration confirmation and information form.

(4) Camper’s checklist. (Just a little thing to help you remember the important stuff and maybe make packing a little easier for you.)

Please send your Snail-mail pre-payments to:

NCPO c/o
381 Grant Houck Rd
Todd, NC 28684

(Please remember to make checks or money orders payable to “NCPO”)
or For Non pre-paid Registrations please use the secure online form link above.

Please fill out the form below if you will be either paying at the event or if you are sending your pre-payment via e-mail.